• August 26, 2013, 4:08 pm

PT. Husna Firda Abadi (HAFA KARGO) is an Indonesian company based in Jogjakarta. HAFA Kargo specializes in freight service from Jogjakarta - Indonesia to the rest of the world. Our duty is to organize your shipments to all destinations around the world. This vast service include collection of goods from each your suppliers, packing as the nature of the goods, storage in dry and secure warehouse, processing all export document.

HAFA KARGO believe if the client more success we will also more success. We can accommodate your need and help you find whatever you are looking for. We guarantee high quality, good price and exact delivery time. Considering all aspect within HAFA Kargo, we have loyal customers throughout the world: Europe, Australia, Africa, America and Asia. We fully ensure an everlasting relationship. In fact, whatever your requirement, HAFA KARGO can help you to find what you are looking for.

HAFA KARGO ensures professional and accurate handling in all export/import documentation and customs clearance. Upon request, HAFA KARGO professionals can come to your home to personally survey and provide you with a free estimate of volume and price.

HAFA KARGO is our trusty partner in YOGYAKARTA, SEMARANG and SOLO. We guarantee of our service to secure your business runs smoothly and having no problem by using reliable shipping company. We really hope you would like to try using our service, so you will know that we are really your reliable partner to secure your business. Should you need information about our services, please contact us directly to :

 • hafa@indosat.net.id                : Head office Yogyakarta

• hafarofie@yahoo.com              : Direktur office Yogyakarta

• nititrans@indo.net.id               : Branch office Semarang

 If you seriously cooperate with our company we would like to revise quote that we had offered for you.