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We offer a wide range of service:

- Air Freight Service :

- Sea Freight Service (domestic, exports and imports )

- LCL (Less Container Load)

- FCL (Full Container Load)

Full container load is available in 20 feet (33,2 CBM), 40 feet (67,7 CBM), 40 feet High cube (76,4 CBM) Shipment sent FCL are loaded in yogyakarta and unloaded at the destination, hence there is considerable less handling and moving of the goods.


Our packesrs are aware that their job is to guarantee repeat business with us and will We provide and commit to only the highest standart of quality in packing. for some reason we send team packer to villas, hotels, shops or any private house taken to minimize any possible damage and maximize customer satification. 












20 Feet

L 5,898 m X W 2,353 X H 2,393 m

33,2 CBM

2,300 KGS


W 2,340 m X H 2,280 m


40 Feet

L 12,032 X W 2,353 X H 2,393 m


67,7 CBM


3,750 KGS


W 2,340 m X H 2,280 m


40 Feet High Cube


L 12,032 X W 2,353 X H 2,698 m


76,4 CBM


3,940 KGS


W 2,340 m X H 2,585 m


45 Feet High Cube


L 13,556 X W 2,352 X H 2,698 m


86 CBM


4,820 KGS


W 2,340 m X H 2,585 m




·         Trucking : We have more trucking pick up of goods to warehousing

·         Documentation

·         Warehousing : The warehouses with fully capacity about 4000 meter square in the back yard of the office to make intensive coordination between office and the warehouse.


Man Power

Our well trained staffs are committed to fulfilling are our customer’s cargo shipping needs. We have recruited dedicated professional in the shipping business to accommodate our customer’s ever changing needs. Total number of our staff 20 employees.

Local Dilivery

We provide car shipping services or expeditions to all regions in Indonesia.

Specialist car shipping services to all regions in Indonesia with a service door to door, via land and sea, using the Car Carrier, FCL (Full Container Loaded), LCL (Less Than Container Loaded), Roro vessel.

Fast, secure, and reliable, and insured. Therefore you can entrusted us as your favorite vehicle delivery. Why? Because we trully understand your time is so precious, and we are ready to serve you with all my heart.

An easy way delivery of your vehicle through our service is easy, all we need is you just set up:

·         Photocopies of vehicle registration

·         Address retrieval vehicle

·         Shipping address and destination

The name of the sender and the receiver in charge of

·         Because we're using that data to insure the vehicle during a trip to the destination. We also offer several ways to process the data transmission and the vehicle you are using our services.

·         Via Faximile way is, once you have your vehicle registration copy photos and written to the right of taking and the recipient address destination

·         You can also do via sms media, please you type No. Police, No order, No engine, car type, color and year of manufacture

·         Once the data you send and we have received, then the application form as soon as we prepare for the car that you submit, the form of a memo (official letter bearing the seal of the company and us) the following, checklists, letters and the receipt of sealed roads.

·         On the day of departure predetermined, our officers will come to check the car that had been prepared by our officers that the car handover checklist form to be sent.

·         At the time our officers do checklist your car, please do so in meticulous right to be notified to our officer and the completeness and condition of your car, because it involves the claim that you ask if there is a shortage at the time of the handover back at the destination.

·         If a check has been completed, the next handover of vehicles, and our officers will give the vehicle checklist and a bill of lading as evidence of the stamped name of the company, as well as the original receipt as proof of payment of stamp duty.

There are two options for payment:

·         Namely direct cash transactions by officers when making our vehicles

·         A transfer to which we have no accounts set up the course after you leave the vehicle